Sheriff Tom Nestor
Was elected Lincoln County Sheriff and took office in 2007.

Sheriff Nestor Has worked for the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office full time since June 1989.  Tom started out working in the
old county jail on 7th Street in Hugo and worked there until the opening of the new facility on 3rd Avenue.  Tom continued to
work in the county jail and dispatch, where he was the dispatch supervisor until 1993.  

In 1993, Tom attended the Colorado State University Law Enforcement Academy and became Colorado P.O.S.T. certified.  After
graduation, Tom returned back home to Lincoln County where he went on patrol for the county.  

In 2002 Tom was appointed Undersheriff by then Sheriff Leroy Yowell and proudly served in that position until Sheriff Yowell
retired after 32 years of service.

Sheriff Nestor is proud to serve the county in which he has grown up in and is striving to maintain the county’s rural values,
while understanding changes in our society.  Sheriff Nestor takes pride in being a Sheriff who is willing to go on patrol along
side of his deputies.  
103 3rd Avenue
P.O. Box 10
Hugo, CO. 80821
Sergeant Cole Britton

was appointed Jail Corporal in 2008.

Corporal Britton Has worked for the Lincoln County Sheriffs Office since 2005

  • Cole is currently serving on the Board Of Directors for Transports Across Colorado or (TAC)

  • Certified Jail Officer through American Jail Association (National Certification)
Undersheriff Gordon D. Nall

Was appointed Lincoln County Undersheriff in 2007.
    Captain Michael L. Yowell
Captain Yowell has been a part of the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office family since he was born. Captain Michael Yowell was
born and raised in Lincoln County while graduating from Genoa-Hugo School in 2005. During his high school career, Captain
Yowell worked as an intern with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office and covered shifts when needed during weekends and

Captain Yowell "formally" began his law enforcement career with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office in July of 2007. Michael
promoted from a Detention Deputy / 911 Operator to Patrol and Investigations in 2008. Captain Yowell proudly served Lincoln
County in the Patrol / Investigations Division until 2014, when he left Lincoln County to work for the Fort Morgan Police
Department. While in Fort Morgan, Sheriff Nestor contacted Michael and offered him a position back in his hometown as the
Lincoln County Captain. Having Lincoln County in his heart, Captain Yowell accepted Sheriff Nestor's offer and returned as
Captain / Jail Administrator in February 2015.

Captain Yowell has embraced his community and assists Sheriff Nestor and Undersheriff Nall with new updates in the
Communications Center as well as the Lincoln County Jail. While still making time to answer calls and serve his fellow
community members. Lincoln County is his home and he is honored to serve and protect it.

Captain Yowell believes in Edmund Burke's quote: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."  
                                                       Corporal Dale Rostron
Corporal Dale Rostron came the United States of America after moving from Great Britain in April 2007, where he graduated
from Derwentside College after studying Uniformed Services. While in college he focused mainly on Military Science,
specifically in the Royal Engineers and the British Police Forces.
Once Corporal Dale Rostron turned 18 years old, he wanted to pursue a career in American law enforcement, so he applied for
Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office in November 2008. Corporal Rostron joined the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office Family as a
Detention Deputy / 911 Dispatcher, where he diligently served until he promoted in July 2015 to the rank of Jail Corporal.

Corporal Rostron joined the Lincoln County Coroner’s Office in December 2012 as a Deputy Coroner, excelling in various
fashions, Corporal Rostron was promoted to Chief Coroner in January 2015.

Romans 13:4- "for he is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For
he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer."

                                                                              Corporal Jesus Ortiz
Corporal Ortiz moved to Lincoln County in 1999, where he attended Limon High School and graduated in 2001. He started
working as a server at a local restaurant, where he met most of the local law enforcement officers. Corporal Ortiz began
assisting the Limon Police Department, Colorado State Patrol, and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office as an interpreter for
many years.

In 2004, he married a local Lincoln County resident and shortly thereafter he met former Sheriff Leroy Yowell and the current
Sheriff Tom Nestor, and was recruited to apply for a position as a Detentions Deputy / 911 Operator. He began his career with
the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office in June of 2005. Corporal Ortiz left in 2012 to pursue a different career in the Oil and Gas
industry. But, his heart was still at the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, so he returned in February 2014.

Corporal Ortiz was promoted as a supervisor due to his ability to maintain calm under pressure and because of his high
standards of professionalism.

Sergeant Ryan Erwin

Sergeant Ryan Erwin grew up in Simla, Colorado.  He then attended the Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy at
Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.  Sergeant Erwin joined the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office in
2014.  Since being hired on by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, Sergeant Erwin has become an instructor in several areas
including: Driving Instructor, SFST (Standardized Field Sobriety Test) Instructor, and FTO (Field Training Officer).  In April of
2021, Sergeant Erwin was promoted to Patrol Sergeant.

                                                        Sergeant Dustin Cunningham

Sergeant Cunningham was born in West Virginia. After serving 8 years in the United States Air Force, including three overseas
tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, he left the Air Force in 2014 at the rank of Staff Sergeant. Sergeant Cunningham and his wife and
kids found their home in Lincoln County in July 2015 and began his civilian law enforcement career. In August 2016, Sergeant
Cunningham attended the Otero Junior College Law Enforcement Academy. In April of 2017, he began his career in the Patrol
Division of the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office. In March of 2019, he became the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office’s K9 handler. In
April 2021, he was promoted to Patrol Sergeant.