Bonding information

Please call the jail at (719) 743-2846 for the type of bond and any information that is required for a particular individual. A bond is set according to a court-approved schedule. The purpose of the bond is to assure your appearance in court.

Bond fees, booking fees, and other fees or debts never need to be paid to secure a person’s release on money bond.

The Sheriff’s Office must release a defendant physically present in the jail who posts bond within six hours after bond is set.

A surety may never be asked to use posted bond money to pay defendants debts.

If there should be any violation of bonding, a party can file a complaint by contacting the jail administrator of the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office via telephone at 719-743-2426.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office charges a $10 bonding fee for each bond, in addition to any municipal and county bonds fees. We also charge a $30 booking fee each time an individual is processed into the Jail. If payment is not received upon release, you will receive bill for the negative balance remining on your account. An outside vendor (AdventFS/paymyjailer) who is contracted with the Sheriff’s Office with then contact you for payment.

Bond types are as follows:

Cash Bond
Requires the full amount of bond in cash, which will be returned by the court, when court appearances are completed.

Surety Bond
Bond may be posted through the service of a state licensed bondsman of your choice. The bondsman may require a co-signer and/or collateral to secure the bond.

Personal Recognizance Bond
The judge may grant a personal recognizance (PR) bond. A PR bond is a signature bond that involves no money or property as long as you appear at all future court dates. You will be released on your own signature. Your signature acts as your promise to appear in court.

PR Bond with Co-signer
The Judge may also grant a PR bond with a co-signer. You must find someone willing to sign your bond that meets the co-signer requirements. You and the co-signer are responsible for the amount of money for the bond and for your return to court.