Civil Process
Colorado state law requires that the Sheriff of each Colorado County serve the civil process of the Courts within their jurisdiction. They are also required to accept and serve civil process from all other Colorado counties, each of the states of the union, and the federal government. Civil process includes all types of papers resulting from civil litigation, including summons and complaints, subpoenas, court orders, writs of execution, writs of garnishment, and Evictions and Writs of Restitution (commonly known as eviction orders).

The Sheriff’s Office Civil Secretary is available to the public between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday and is located at 103 3RD Avenue, Hugo, Colorado 80821

Fees For Service:
Fees for service (which are set by statute) must be paid in advance. If you are due a refund, a check will be mailed to you. If you owe additional fees, you will be billed for the difference. All fees for mileage are based upon zip codes and are charged on a round trip, per mile basis.

We only accept cash or checks, and credit cards via our website.

The service of civil process is based upon the information provided. Complete, accurate information (addresses, descriptions, place of employment, work hours, etc.) will assist us in ensuring successful service. A Return of Service, documenting the successful service of the papers, will be mailed to you or can be picked up at the Sheriff’s Office in person.

Please contact the Civil Secretary at (719) 743-2846 Extension: 1, or email if you require further information on the service of civil process or our Civil Fee for Service.

Pursuant to C.R.S. 30-1-105.5, as amended, in situations when two or more papers are served on the same person or different persons at the same time and place and in the same action, the sheriff shall charge the highest individual fee allowable pursuant to C.R.S. 30-1-104, as amended, for the first process and an additional ten dollars ($10.00) for each subsequent process served. The sheriff shall charge the single zip code based mileage based fee for the first process.

-Summons-$35.00 - Service Fee
-Citation-$35.00 - Service Fee
-Interrogatories-$35.00 - Service Fee
-Protection Orders-$35.00 - Service Fee

*Some may be at no charge if order is to protect from domestic violence, sex assault, or stalking and meet the requirement set forth in the Colorado Revised Statutes.

-All other Civil Process Papers, not listed-$35.00 - Service Fee
-Subpoena in Civil Case-$40.00 - Service Fee
-Subpoena in Criminal Case-$7.50 - Service Fee
-Garnishment-$20.00 - Service Fee

*Writ of Continuing Garnishments are to be served on the employer, not the employee. Writs of Garnishments with Notice of Exemption and Pending Levy are to first be served on the Garnishee such as a bank account. A copy may also need to be served on the defendant. Provide instructions as to which one (or both) that the Sheriff is to serve. If both, fees are double as this would be two separate service of process.

-Writ of Restitution-$135.00
When delivering the Writ, please provide time for a consultation with Lincoln County Sheriff's Office staff.
-Notary Fee (if requested)-$5.00

Mileage shall be charged at the mileage rate authorized for County officials and employees pursuant to § 30-11-107(1)(t), amended, for each mile actually and necessarily traveled in serving each writ, subpoena, or other process in an action other than a criminal action. The Sheriff’s Office will post the current mileage rate set by the Board of County Commissioners pursuant to § 30-11-107(1)(t), C.R.S. as amended, in a location accessible to the public pursuant to § 30-1-108, C.R.S., as amended.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office may establish a zip code-based mileage fee structure. The zip code-based mileage fee structure shall establish a single mileage fee for the service of any writ, subpoena, or other process in an action, other than a criminal action, in each separate zip code, as applicable, in Lincoln County.

The applicable single mileage fee for a zip code shall be charged for all papers served in the zip code regardless of the number of attempts or actual mileage traveled by a sheriff within the zip code during a sheriff’s operational period.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office has established a zip code-based mileage fee structure. As set forth below. The single mileage fees for each zip code in Lincoln County as set forth are hereby set by resolution and approved by the Board of County Commissioners.

The Sheriff’s Office will post the mileage fee structure on their website at, as a location accessible to the public pursuant to § 30-1-108,C.R.S., as amended.

Mileage Fee Structure:
“Zip Code Based” mileage fees for the service of civil process by Sheriff’s deputies are based on roundtrip mileage from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office at 103 3rd Avenue, Hugo, Colorado, to a center point in each of the zip codes listed. It is then rounded to the nearest mile (see calculated mileages below). The fee assessed will be calculated based upon the round trip mileage established for the address where the paper is to be served in the applicable zip code, multiplied by the current mileage rate set pursuant to § 30-11-107 (1)(t), C.R.S. as amended. This is regardless of the number of attempts made, or the actual number of miles traveled by the deputy in effecting service per operational period, for that day. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform the Sheriff’s Office Civil Secretary.

Thereafter, mileage will be calculated in terms of a round trip from the Sheriff’s Office to the center points of the zip code (see calculated mileages below, $0.585 per mile):

Zip Code Town Miles Cost
80804 Arriba 56 miles $32.76
80818 Genoa 48 miles $28.08
80821 Hugo 22 miles $12.87
Unless in the Town of Hugo city limits $2.00
80823 Karval 62 miles $36.27
80826 Limon Correctional Facility 40 miles $23.40
80828 Limon 32 miles $18.72
80832 Ramah 72 miles $42.12
80833 Rush 130 miles $76.05
81045 Haswell 102 miles $59.67
81063 Ordway 100 miles $58.50

Please complete the “Service Form” and submit payment prior to presenting the service documents to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office.